My name is Amelia
This isn't a rp blog I mean unless you ask nicely
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[tries to crowd surf at a TED talk]

how much trouble would you get in if you shined a laser pointer at the president 



Bucky Barnes is the kind of friend who would draw a dick on Steve’s face if he passed out at a party but if anyone else drew a dick on Steve’s face when he passed out at a party Bucky Barnes would hunt them down and fuck them up.


when ur friend starts shipping something because of u



I have tons of homework but funimation said I should be watching


long-distance friendships are terrible because you can’t meet up with them whenever you want and hang out on any given day which is why when i’m president i’m relocating the entire human population into a 10,000,000 story skyscraper that also acts as a bridge from earth to the moon which comes with the added benefit of swinging the moon around like a fucking mace, god damn it’s gonna look so cool. what was i talking about